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Fine Art Photography is unique.

The image created in accordance with the vision of the photographer, whether it is photojournalism, commercial, fashion or even just candid or street photography, the artist intention is everything and yet nothing. And it is this openness in creation, in the vision of the artist, created a beautiful journal in photography that connect everyone in taste.

The luxury to notice the extraordinary and beautiful narratives that are occurring in front of you everyday, and learn to create relationships within the frame that may well not exist in reality, enable the creation of enigmatic, poetic and surreal photographs.


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We offers a range of explorer and travel workshops globally, aimed at all levels, from emerging photographers to established practitioners.

Some workshops are held in collaboration with Leica Akademie


open edition Art Prints

A unique selection of amazing art prints on metal or photographic papers.


limited edition fine Art C-Prints

Own one of KC Eng’s spectacular C-Prints. The C-Prints are a collectible series of museum quality prints. These ultimate professional photographic archival prints are created on light sensitive paper using a finely balanced red, green & blue light source.

Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, indicating that you have purchased my original work. In addition, each print is hand-signed, numbered, titled and dated on the back side.

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Upcoming Workshops